Project Update 10/24/2019

  • Dune Fencing Installation- Crews continue installing the dune fencing posts along the east side of A1A along the back side of the sidewalk. Crews are currently between the Marriott Crosswalk and Thomas St.
  • Pedestrian Light Poles- Crews continue installing the new light poles for the lighting along the sidewalk along the east side of A1A. Crews are currently working near the main pavilion area moving south towards Casuarina Rd. Pedestrian traffic along the sidewalk may encounter brief sidewalk closures as the crew sets the new light poles into the ground. Parking spaces along A1A may at times be marked NO PARKING while crews install the new light poles. Once completed, those spaces will be reopened.
  • Pedestrian Lighting- A 2nd crew has started installing the electrical conduits which will power the new lighting along the sidewalks. The crew has started on the north end near Beach Drive and is installing south as the new light poles are installed. This work takes place in the parkways and should have minimal impact to pedestrian traffic.