Project Update 10/21/19

  • Pedestrian Lighting – The Contractor continues installing the new pedestrian light poles along A1A on the east (beach) side of A1A. Crews are currently between Atlantic Ave. and Thomas St and will be progressing south as the week goes on. Please be advised some parking spaces along A1A will be marked NO PARKING. Once the poles are installed and secured, the closed parking stalls will be REOPENED for public parking. At times when the crew will be lifting, installing, and securing the new pedestrian light poles, pedestrian access to the sidewalk in the construction zone will be temporarily CLOSED.
  • ADA Ramp Improvements – Crews will be working in the southeast and southwest corners of the A1A and Casuarina intersection. This work consists of removing and replacing sidewalk sections and installing colored truncated dome bricks. This work should have minimal impact to traffic along A1A.
  • Dune Fencing – Crews continue installing the new dune fencing posts along the beach side of the A1A sidewalk. This work will continue all week between Atlantic Ave to the North End of the Beach