Construction Notification – Roadway & Sidewalk Closures

On Wednesday, October 16, the Contractor (MBR) is scheduled to begin the installation of the new pedestrian light poles on the east (beach) side of A1A. They will start installing the pedestrian light poles at Beach Drive and continue their light pole installation to the south on A1A.

At the start of the work a number of parking stalls on the east side of A1A will not be available for use and will be signed NO PARKING. As the lighting work progresses south and the pedestrian light poles are installed and secured, the closed parking stalls will be REOPENED for public parking.

For pedestrian traffic along the sidewalk, the Contractor (MBR) will have Flaggers onsite during the work. At times when the Contractor (MBR) will be lifting, installing, and securing the new pedestrian light poles, pedestrian access to the sidewalk in the construction zone will be temporarily CLOSED. Once the installation is complete. pedestrian access to the sidewalk will be OPEN again for use.

We anticipate the lighting work will continue during the next 2-3 weeks as the new pedestrian lighting system is being installed from Beach Drive on the north end of the project to Casuarina Road on the south end of the project.We would like to thank you again for your continued patience and cooperation during this work.

If you have any special needs during this time or have any questions regarding this notification, please call: Toll-free Project Hotline: 833-DEL-RAYB (833-335-7292).